Best for Bees happened quite by accident over 10 years ago.  Erica Shelley, a Molecular and Medical Geneticist, bought a couple of hives and started beekeeping.  Soon, with her background in mutagenesis she became concerned with the chemicals in beehives and honey.  She wanted to find a better and healthier way to keep bees. 



With direction from Michael Bush, a leader in beekeeping and experienced in cold climate beekeeping, Erica started keeping hives in a more healthy manner, prioritizing bee health over honey production. She started traveling all over the world to learn directly from experienced beekeepers and bee guardians.  She kept both top bar hives and langstroth hives and began sharing her knowledge with others.   



Eventually this sharing of knowledge led to people hiring Erica to help with their beekeeping skills.  Best for Bees became an endeavor spreading healthy beekeeping by teaching workshops and working hands-on with hives at client's properties.  Soon enough, what started as a small passion ended up a thriving business with multiple employees and volunteers. 



Today Best for Bees works with multiple businesses, long-standing clients, and new customers with the mindset of being kind to the bees and providing the best environment and habitat to help all pollinators.  Best for Bees also removes bees humanely from structures and gently collects swarms.   



Erica is also now involved in research endeavors with both bumble bees and honey bees in collaboration with the University of Guelph in the laboratory of Peter Kevan.  By adding a research component to Best for Bees we are able to assist in furthering the knowledge base of what is healthiest for the bees!