Honey bees swarm as part of their normal life cycle.  While it is a sign of a healthy hive, their choice of home can sometimes be a nuisance.  That's where Best for Bees can help, by removing them humanely and relocating the colony to a more suitable environment.


Honey bee colonies swarm when their hive gets too big or they lose their home.  There can be up to 60,000 bees in a single swarm.  Commonly swarms are found on trees or other overhanging structures.  Best for Bees can come and remove them for free (if they're not up too high).  Swarms are generally non-aggressive. 


Bees that move into homes or structures can be a nuisance.  Spraying with insecticides can leave a dead colony behind, with honey left inside the comb to attract rodents and other pests.  Furthermore, unless treated with bee repellent, bees will continue to move into these spaces. Best for Bees will humanely remove these bees and move them into a safe space using a specially designed bee vacuum. Cost is variable, depending on size of hive and its location.  Call for a quote.


Best for Bees sells honey and wax through retail stores.  Honey sold by Best for Bees comes from gently cared for hives in Southwestern Ontario.  Contact Best for Bees if your retail location would like to sell honey or wax.



Beeswax wraps are a biodegradable, environmentally friendly replacement for plastic food wraps.

Sold seasonally, contact directly for more information.