Are you a hobbyist beekeeper in the Waterloo Region that could use some professional help?  Or a community that is looking to add beehives to your property?  Best for Bees offers flexible services to create beehives that truly are Best for Bees!

**Please note that 2021 Client List is FULL. Please contact only for 2022.


  • Do you need help with your beehives?  Best for Bees offers consulting services for individuals and communities.  Hourly and seasonal rates available. 


  • Before installing your beehives Best for Bees can visit your property to determine the optimal location for your beehives. 


  • Moving your bees into a new beehive?  Best for Bees can help you with ordering your bees and installing them when they arrive.

  • Need to move your bees to a new location?  Best for Bees can help with that too! 


  • Concerned about the health of your bees? Best for Bees can visit on-site to determine if your bees are healthy and recommend measures to improve the health of your bees. 


  • In the Spring you may need to split your hives.  Old comb and equipment should be replaced.  Overall health can be assessed.  If your bees did not survive winter a hive autopsy can help you avoid mistakes in the future.


  • In the Summer Best for Bees can provide expert advice on adding supers, protecting from invaders, gently dealing with busy hives, and assessing overall health of the bees.  Beekeeping is easier with two sets of hands, especially as the hives get heavier through the season! 


  • Winters can be long in Southern Ontario, and it is important to leave enough honey for the bees.  Fall is the time of year where Best for Bees removes honey from the hives, leaving enough for the bees for the long Winter.  If populations are low hives can be merged.  Winterizing is an art Best for Bees has been honing over several years. 


  • Best for Bees can answer your questions by phone or e-mail regarding your bees.  Hourly rates apply.

  • Seasonal customers receive phone and e-mail support as part of their plan. 


  • Monthly visits May - October

  • Hives registered with OMAFRA

  • Liability Insurance

  • Free text/email/phone support

  • Nuc installation

  • Queen replacements if necessary

  • Honey extraction

  • Order and deliver nucs

  • Replacement of bees if die due to winter/disease

  • Limited spots