The Best Beekeeping Suit

Updated: Feb 9

There are so many beekeeping clothing choices out there, so where do you begin, and which one is best for you?

Beekeepers around the globe may have different suggestions and personal choices, which can be a little overwhelming. The secret is that protective clothing pieces can be beneficial for multiple reasons. When hive numbers are low with newer colonies or in the Spring, you'll find that a little less protection is comfortable. With several different types of veils around, we highly suggest the cowboy veil, linked below:

Goodland Bee Supply GL-VEIL-LG Professional Beekeeping Beekeepers Hat Veil

This cowboy veil from Goodland Bee Supply, USA, made from cotton and hemp, is advantageous for several reasons. This type of veil provides the best view with a full range of vision attributed to the 360° surrounding mesh. This nylon-made mesh also offers superior protection from bee stings because the bees can't get close to your head or neck. In contrast to the cowboy style veil, you may often see beekeepers wear a fencing-type veil. The fencing veil doesn't provide a full range of vision; however, due to its shape, it does allow you to get up close and personal with your bees without hitting your veil on the hive.

Nonetheless, it's no secret that the bees tend to get a little busier and more aggressive with increasingly hot temperatures and as your colony's population increases. So, it's hot, and you're worried about getting stung, what should you wear?

Let us tell you that you have a few options depending on what you're comfortable with. First off, the beloved lightweight Ultra Breeze Jacket, linked below, can be super handy! The one-of-a-kind company Ultra Breeze, LLC produces Ultra Breeze jackets or full jumpsuits.

Ultra Breeze Jacket | Ultra Breeze Suits, LLC

This jacket is a 3-layer ventilated jacket that allows you to stay cool and protected. The depth of the fabric and the outer mesh layer allows a breeze to travel through the jacket without letting any stings get to you! The Ultra Breeze jacket comes with a removable fencing veil. The removable veil option is fantastic. It allows you to mix and match veils, giving you a ton of flexibility and preference.

Maybe the jacket isn't for you because you feel most comfortable when fully protected. That's when the famous Ultra Breeze Jumpsuit, linked below, might be your go-to!

Ultra Breeze Jumpsuit | Ultra Breeze Suits, LLC

The jumpsuit can be super advantageous for staying cool and entirely protected. Similar to the Ultra Breeze jacket, it's a lightweight 3-layer ventilated suit with mesh fabric allowing for some air to Breeze through without letting the bees get to any part of you. The jumpsuit provides top to bottom protection, provided that you wear ankle covering boots, of course. Some beekeepers even wear their bathing suits under their full suits to help them stay even cooler while comfortably knowing they are protected!

Maybe you don't want to have a mesh suit and prefer something more comfortable like cotton! This 2022 top-rated full beekeeping suit from Natural Apiary, USA, linked below, is a fan favourite.

Max Protect Beekeeping Suit for Beekeepers (

This comfy non-mesh jumpsuit is a lightweight 100% cotton material and is machine washable. This suit also comes with two different veils (cowboy and fencing veil), which provides flexibility. As this suit is non-mesh, you might even consider going naked under it! To each their own!

In summary, this article describes the benefits of having different suits for various reasons. But in our opinion, the best beekeeping suit is having all three: cowboy veil, ultra breeze jacket and jumpsuit as the best choice. This allows you to have options whether it's a hot day, cold day or "bee" sy day! At the end of the day, remember whatever you feel most comfortable in is the best option because bees can sense nervousness. The more protected and calm you feel, the easier working your bees will "bee"!

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